Monday, June 02, 2008

Kissy Lips


I was trying to get a pic of Brody in his new "train hat" and by lucky accident caught Brody doing his white man's dance face. Sometime last year Grandmama taught Brody how to do - what she called - "The White Man's Dance". I think she was going for the over-bite-double-fists thing but he translated it into this kissy-lip version. It's a show stopper. When he gets his hair cut by Bob the Barber he has to do his White Man's dance before he can get his sucker. He pretty much does it upon request so the next time you see him ask for a little show. You wont be disappointed!

I just like it because it show cases his adorable little kissy-lips!! I told him recently that he's not allowed to let all the little girls kiss his lips. When they try, he's to say "No!". Computer, do you think this is too over bearing? I swear, I'm going to lock my kids in their closets till their 30.

By the way, the hat tilt was all Brody. I put it on him with the bill facing foward and he immediately cocked it. The kid has style.
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Anonymous said...

I did. I taught my grandson the White Man's Overbite Dance. We were in the back seat of Dora listening to some music and we were all dancing. I started doing my Hispanic version of the WMOD and I could see Brody out of my periphery and he had stopped dancing completely in order to observe me moves. Then he just busted out with his version, facial expression and all. I swan I get the biggest kick out of my g'son!!! He's my delight! Can't wait to show my g'dotter how to move like a dance star!! Love, G'mama