Friday, June 06, 2008

I've Been Tagged honey tagged me. He accurately 'outs' me in my desires to be tagged. The problem is...I don't have anyone to tag since he tagged my best friend and she and he are the only people who I know that both read my blog AND keep a blog. Oh, and Staci just got tagged so I can't tag her again and besides....she didn't tag me so I'm mad at her. There are a TON of people I would love to tag if they would get off their butts and start a blog including Aunt Tammy, Julie M, Dana, Miss Vicky, Mikey, Alexa, Andy, Nooch, Cara, Julie A., or Sarah to name but a few.....

First, for my answers to Kevin's questions:

1. If you could change one thing about a major event in your life what would it be?
Well, this is an interesting question because it would be my wedding day. I know, that sounds terrible. Besides wishing I had been less stressed for the weekend leading up to the day of our wedding...

I wish I had had my sister stand closer to me during the ceremony. We paired our b'maids and g'men as couples. One day I'll go into how perfectly they were paired but that's for another post. For some reason, we paired them with the guys upstage to the girls which meant that Andy was the closest person to me on stage (besides Kevin). I love Andy but not like I love Cara. I wish I had seen the photographs before my wedding so I could see how far she was from me on stage. That wasn't the place of honor I intended her to have. Sorry, sis. If I could do it again, I 'd have you riding piggy-back.

2. What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire? (I stole this one)
This is hard b/c I want to do so much...

1. I'd give to the causes close to my heart: Autsim, women's cancers research, women and children's welfare and microfinance lending in third world countries. How 'boutcha!?
2. I'd pay my mom's debts and buy her a gigantic house in Texas with regular landscapers, house cleaners and interior designers. I'd also pay for her to go to school to complete her degree and get her an assistant to help her pursue her dreams of working for herself...
3. I'd buy my dad a home (w/staff as well) where he could live and create works of art for himself and others. And we'd go on cool art vacations together...France, Italy, New York, etc.
4. I'd buy Cara a new car and provide seed money to help her start her own business in the fashion world. Prolly get her a house in SB too but it would be an investment for us, really.
5. I'd lend money to friends (with no expectations of getting paid back) so they could pursue their dreams of living self-sufficiently
6. Tithe 10%, of course, and give large gifts to my home church, Westmont, certain other non-profit Christian organizations and some Santa Barbara non-profits which I love so dearly (zoo, Eilings, library, local festivals, etc.)
7. Fully fund birthday parties for all my friends and family on their BIG bdays: 40, 50, 60. And plan many exciting travels for fam and frenz as often as my billionaire lifestyle can afford.

Whew. Big filthy rich is exhausting!

3. What are your three worst habits?
1. I'm extremely lazy. I hate this about myself but have yet to determine to change it.
2. I'm short tempered with the people I love most (except for Brody who I seem to have buckets of tolerance with. I saved it all up for him.)
3. I watch too much TV. This is probably my biggest offense. I love TV and make no apologies. Thankfully, I'm a multitasker!!

4. What are the three things you have to have within reach at all time (think bedside, car, etc.)?
This is actually a question that Sue Sue asked me a while ago. It's a great question and one that i actually know the answers to immediately...

1. Lotion. In California we have hard water. My hands are constantly dry and crackily and my legs are ashy and don't get me started on my heels!
2. A pen. I have pens all over the place: in my car, by my bed, in all my bags including diaper bags, by the just never know when a thought will need to be recorded urgently.
3. A drink. I'm breast feeding and insatiably thirsty. Beverage of choice has been Tazo Zen green ice tea with two Splendas [thank you, Lita, for introducing me to it!!]

5. If you could have any job what would it be and why?
First of all, I call BS on Kevie's answer. You would want to be anything athletic over a successful business entrepreneur or inventor? I'm not buying that for a minute, my love.

Any job? I would be in the entertainment industry or a celebrity scrapper like my hero Ali Edwards or I'd own a restaurant in a quaint vacation town or lake resort or I'd act on any one of my many business ideas.

That said, I absolutely love what I'm doing now and the life-situation we share. I'm thrilled to work part-time for an incredible family and to be able to be with my babies mostly full-time. Wouldn't change My Life Today for anything. ;)

Now...who to TAG?
1. Kristin Bull, miss you girlfriend!
2. Kevin tagged Tim so I'll tag Cheryl!
3. I'm sure she's been tagged a million times & we've never met but I've been reading Natalie's blog and really appreciate her honesty and style
4. I know Kristy has been tagged b/c I recently read her entire blog and would love to know her answers to these questions
5. I only got 4.


Kristy said...

I can't believe you read the WHOLE thing AND left sweet comments! You are crazy! {Although I must say that I did that to yours too!}

I will work on my tag and get that posted for you soon! :)

Andy said...

well, i did feel special...Im sorry I was nearest you :(

Grandmama said...

I honestly love reading your blogs so much!! Imagine my delight to see that you would give me a big house! I wouldn't need or want a staff unless I was an invalid. And I don't want a big house. I want an older house with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with wood floors and a fireplace. An old-timey, woodsy-type kitchen with a big, black gas stove. You're sweet, daughter. I would like that degree. Imagine that. Love you!! Mom

Chrystal Sturm said...

GRANDMAMA WITH A HANDLE!! I'M SO EXCITED! Mom, you 'mimber kristy ware? She's not a Ware anymore but check out her responses - they're really good!

Thanks for playing, Kristy.

Andrew...if only you had a blog. Hint hint. would need that staff. I'm not talking about a full time maid and butler but I happen to know your not a fan of yard work or deep cleaning. Let someone else do it - it's on me! The billionaire! ;) And I think we're on the same page with the house...that's what I was thinking too butcept I want you to have a little farm house on really gorgeous land so my kids can one day get married there!

I want to know your answers too Momsey. Send me an email. Or start a freaking BLOG! hint hint (again)...

Tessa said...

I really think you are over thinking the wedding postition thing. There were much bigger issues that day. Like the fact that I forgot my underwear.

Chrystal Sturm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chrystal Sturm said...

YOU DID! I've got the photos to prove it. And stop pretending it was an accident...

Andy said...

how come I wasnt aware of this?