Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Last week we received a mailer envelope from an organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers. When you send them your used cell phone (...any condition or brand and do not need to have batteries) they give the phones to a company which pays them enough money to provide an hour of talk time to soldiers abroad. How cool is that?!

Their goal is to to turn old cell phones into more than 12 million minutes of prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas in 2008. I love this idea. We have several dead phones laying around our home thanks to a precocious baby boy named Brody. Normally we would deposit them in an e-waste receptical. Now we can donate them to this great cause.

I've asked all our local friends to help us collect as many phones as possible and offered to box and ship them myself. I hope you will do this in your own communities or at least send your own used phones to this charity. For the shipping labels, go here. You can even set up a Drop Off Point at your own business, school or organization.

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