Tuesday, June 03, 2008



I am PROUD to call my sweet angel a Bow Head! Do they say "Bow Head" in California or is that a Texas term? I've never heard it used here. Curious.

My girlfriend Julie M (I'd link her blog here except she's too lazy to create one) from back home sent Mia the sweetest collection of bows last week! I was so excited that I just grabed one right out of the package, slapped it on her head and took some pics. She didn't fight it one bit either. Look at her. She's a diva. Hello! Thank you, Julie. We love them!!

In Texas girls wear hair bows. The bigger the better. We used to wear bows so big our neck would get tired holding our heads up! But pain is beauty, my friends. Mia doesn't have enough hair to clip bows in yet so I was thrilled with this head-band concept. You can attach bows directly onto the band. Any color. It's genius. Seriously. How cute is this baby?!
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Andy said...

ive never heard the term bow head.

Erin said...

Seriously, so cute. Mike will kill me if he sees this....but it's really makes me want a girl. Don't you think Griffin is ready to be a big brother.

Anonymous said...

I thought about this looong and hard. And very objectively speaking, SHE'S THE CUTEST BABY GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! I hope no one will take offense. It's just my opinion. :) Love, G'mama

Mike said...

Er.. I think I will have to send her a couple of Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, Misfits, and The Sex Pistols T-shirts. You have to give her options. I think (and keeping fingers crossed) she might like the rockety-roll look....:)

Tessa said...

I am not quite sure that bow is big enough. Where is Andy from? Never heard the term bow head?

Chrystal Sturm said...

Mike - If you find the tshirts, send them. I actually have a baby tshirt idea that I think you'd be down for. Can you sew?

Andy is from San Diego. I don't think California is familiar w/the term. Kevin had never heard of it either. Nuts!