Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Strawberry Pankcake Muffins

And she bakes too, people! If I were any more domestic my name would be June Cleaver. The recipe called for Bisquick but I only had pancake mix...they're the same, right?

I love to bake with Brody. He's so good at pouring and mixing and making a gigantic mess. And I get to enjoy baking!...and cleaning up giganitc messes. I don't even really like baking but I seem to find a recipe a week that begs to be made. You should have tasted the amazing brownies we made last week. I had to give away large portions lest they make their way into my belly as you know I have to self-control (I'm working on it!).

Kevie - we'll try to save a few for you. :)
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