Sunday, June 03, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I love when B asks to go "Home?". We'll be riding bikes, or running errands, or doing something fun (zoo, beach, park, etc.) and at some point he'll look at us and say, "Home?". I love that he views home as a fun place. His toys are there. His movies ("Sit on couch? Watch DVD?") are there. His family is there. Unlike most of my friend's children back home, B doesn't have many toys. He has a small collection of outside toys (none of which are slides, motor cars, sand boxes, or jungle gyms) and he has a small collection of toys in his room (most of which fit in one nice cube system in his closet) and he has a small collection of toys in the living room (contained in baskets within our console table. And that's it. Oh, and a few in the garage. When we were in Texas last November he was in PIG HEAVEN! Every one of my girlfriends have an entire room dedicated to toys. Oh my gosh, he hardly knew what to do with himself!

I love our little home too. It's never as clean as it should be. It's not as big as I sometime wish it were. There is always a project that needs to be done. And it's certainly not in the best neighborhood in all of Santa Barbara. But it's perfect for us. My family lives here in our happy little home!
[By the way, I made this cool mosaic here! I also used that site to make my very sweet blogger header. So cool. ]


Tessa said...

Hey, When Landry was two we didn't have a lot of toys either. Now we have 6 years, 2 kids and 7 grandparents worth of toy collections. Not to mention the various friends with older kids who pass down everygthing from fire trucks to underwear!!! If you move home I will be happy to give you all of our crap! Heck, you could live in the playroom! LOL T

Chrystal Sturm said...

Not to mention that Tessa's home is roughly 5,000 sq feet and mine is about 1,200. entire home could fit IN her playroom!