Saturday, June 30, 2007

SB Saturdays: Take a Swim!

What a Saturday! This morning Kevin let me sleep in (so awesome). He and Brody played and read books till 9:45AM when they woke me up (yesss!). Then we went to the Wicks' to GO SWIMMING! Now, not a lot of people have swimming pools in Santa Barbara but the Wicks actually have a community pool in their neighborhood that is awesome!

Then I went to Costco to prepare for The Sturm Family visit next week while the boys went to "Eatty Donalds" (McDonalds) for chicken nuggets and burgers.

Then, during nap time Kevin made a run to Ace Hardware and worked in the yard while I started putting together a my wedding albums!! Maybe I'll finish in time for our 5 year wedding anniversary! Brody - the little champ - slept for 2 hours (thank you, Mr. Swimming Pool).

After nap we played, worked in the yard, watched some of the new movie that I picked up at Costco, we started to go on a bike ride but someone decided that playing with the fire truck was more interesting, K dug up some dead shrubs in side-yard, we ate dinner (lettuce wraps and mac-n-cheese) on our awesome little patio, took bath, pee-peed on the potty and bedtime for Brody was insanely late (how did it become 9pm so quickly!?). While I was putting B down, Kevin was scrubbing BOTH of our bathtubs! I finished my (2) albums, ordered (2) more and started this blog while Kevin decided that he had to go to Scolari's for ice cream. He crazy. But he brought be back three magazines!!

If you don't have access to a private pool, check out one of SB's community pools. Or you could always crash at a hotel pool. Is that wrong? But do NOT forget the should see K&B's shoulders. One word: OUCH.

Santa Barbra Swimming pool facilities include the newly renovated, 50-meter Los Baños del Mar Pool, Ortega Park instructional pool, and the West Beach and Oak Park wading pools.

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