Sunday, June 24, 2007

PooPoo In The Potty!

We sing a little song in the Sturm household and it goes something like this (to a salsa-Mexican-hat-dance like tune) "Bubba pee-pees in the potty, Bubba pee-pees in the potty!". Well, tonight folks we had something new to celebrate. Brody poo-pooed in the potty! There was lots of hooting and hollering around these parts, my friends. Lots of shouting and dancing indeed. "Bubba poo-pooed in the potty! Bubba poo-pooed in the potty!". And we have pictures of the evidence....but I'll spare you all that.


Tim Halberg said...

how would you feel if someone sang you a song and took your picture every time you went poo?

Me... well, I think it'd be sorta fun! ;-)

Cheryl May said...

LOL!!! that is hilarious! Good job Brody! :)

King Family said...

Yeah brody! You are such a big boy. You can't possibly know how happy your mommy and daddy are, but this is a big step. Pretty more diapers.