Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SB Saturday: I Madonnari 2007

This year's Street Painting Festival was just as good as all the rest. It was a big more challenging this year than the others b/c little man is 2...and wild. We had to bribe, threaten and beat. Well...not beat but you get what I mean. I love this festival. It's probably our favorite of all the millions of festivals in Santa Barbara. Just the creativity and beauty of it all. This year my mom was here for it. My dad has been a couple of times in years past and last year Kevin's whole family was here during it. Oh, and Cara's first visit to SB was during this time. Weird. The past six years worth of I Madonnaris was marked by visits with loved ones!

Here are a few of our favorites. The tiger is amazing. Like you want to pet the thing! It's crazy.

Personally, I can't touch chalk. The fact that most these artists were literally covered in chalk dust gave me the heebie-geebies. Personal chalk predjuce aside, I am always so inspired by this event. I feel my creative juices flowing! Maybe I'll bust out the old scrapbook :)

One of our favorite artist is the man who created this masterpiece. Every year he chalks photos of his children. This year his plot had three columns each containing individual photos of three of his children. It's always a crowd favorite. So great!

You may have missed it this year but mark your calendar for next year! It's always Memorial Day weekend and totally kid friendly. http://www.imadonnarifestival.com/im.html

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