Sunday, May 27, 2007

My loves...

A tribute to my Litas: The beauties of my life.

I had the very good fortune of spending some time with my Lita Girls the other weekend. There were highs and there were lows but I at the end of the day I just love these girls with all of my heart. And they love me too! We've been friends for a long time...oh my long. Our 'remember whens' could go on for days and days. And we can laugh together like it's nobodies business. Here are some things that you should know about these amazing women. Some things have been true of them our whole lives and some have developed with age and time. I adore everything about them and look forward to all the Lita Weekends to come. Even when we're 90 and our weekends turn into meeting in each other's room at the retirement home.

Tessalita con Mantiquilla de la Playa....truly my funniest friend. She can do impressions, she can time jokes perfectly, she can spin a mundane story into a 10 minute stand-up comedy routine. A voracious reader and amazing mother she constantly has a bag of stories in her hip pocket that make me double over in laughter. She is a design genius. She's a domestic goddess though step back if you dare to call her this to her face. She's a master organizer and a passionate instructor. She's never wrong. She makes a mean stuffed mushroom. She's tiny. She has a glorious hair - always perfect. She's one of the very few women I know who is able to look just as pretty without a stitch of make-up on her face as she does full blown done up. She is ferociously loyal. She's easily frustrated and yet remarkable patient. She loves with all of her. She's very popular. She's a talented choreographer (I still want to see the Devo act! YouTube?). She makes absolutely gorgeous babies. She's extremely independent and opinionated. She loves babies. She freaking builds houses. She has an amazing eye for color. She gets along with everyone...that she wants to.

Rachaelita con Naranja de la Manana....even today the most beautiful person I've ever known in real life. It's just true, people. She has an ridiculous body. And she works hard for it ("Do you think this just happens, Sophie?"]. She's a guys girl and a girls girl too. She's committed. She has an awesome sense of humor. And she can be funny too. She's down to earth. She's come to believe that she's almost as pretty as people have always told her she is. She's a tortured soul. She's incredibly driven. She's a wicked smart business woman. She's girlie. She loves hard core. She's a devoted friend, wife, mother and daughter. She just wants to be happy. She digs deep. She studies what she believes. She's secure with who she's become. She's MUCH more intelligent than some people give her credit for being. She too has magnificent hairs. She is really tall. She has a pretty enviable looking life but doesn't take it for granted. She knows her limitations. She's a bit of an overachiever...uh, twin girls!?! She wants to take care of people (and she secretly wants to be a nurse). She's vocal about her beliefs and philosophies. She shops at Target just like the rest of us. She has so much to offer this world. She's a force, for sure. She encourages those she loves. She's the definition of 'great friend'.

With out them, I could be considered attractive. Among them, I'm sheep dung. But whatever. They tell me I'm great so I'll keep them around as long as I can. We used to daydream about being neighbors and raising our children together and growing old together. The reality is that we're hundreds of miles apart from each other and our kids hardly know each other. But who knows what the future holds? So, until we can holler at each other from our kitchen windows...we'll have to just keep looking forward to our Lita Weekends! And no...I wont tell you where the "Lita" nickname came from.

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Tessa said...

I will tell you where the Lita nickname came from... I made it up!~!!!!! Hee Hee. Anywho, I nubbest ju too much to say and I am always right!