Sunday, May 27, 2007


Brody doesn't get it yet but he will soon. She adores him. She spoils him. She hangs on his every word. She loves him way more than she does the rest of us! He's pretty taken with her too. This morning she was the first one he called "Graaaaandmaaamaaa!". He doesn't get the magnitude of her love yet and probably wont for a while. But he will. The adoration of a Grandmama. Huge. I love this picture. He's consumed with whatever he's playing with while she looks at him with a distant smile. Probably thinking how smart he is. And he is.
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King Family said...

chrys and debbie--

that picture is delicious. i understand about the depth of grandparent love. it's quite amazing isn't it?
very sweet post.

love you,