Friday, May 04, 2007

Santa Barbara Saturdays: HIT THE BEACH!

We don't go often enough but when we do it's always wonderful. Over Easter weekend we had such a blast hanging out at East Beach with Grandmama, MorMor, PaPa, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Jon and Cousin "Lena". Brody was much more adventurous this time around. Our little Beach Baby has always been a tad skittish around the ocean waters but this time was different. He let his feet get wet and let the waves chase him up the beach. And he had a blast running around with Daddy! It was a special time and as my in-laws would say: a "very special memory" (I love that).

East Beach is our favorite beach in town. There is a great little toddler playground and lots and lots of open beach. Also, East Beach Grill is here located in the Cabrillo Arts Center. It's for sure our favorite beach eatery.

Other SB Beaches include:
* West Beach -- busier beach with lots of activity
* Ledbetter Beach -- great beach to spend the entire day enjoying
* Hendry's Beach -- gorgeous, more secluded beach
* Butterfly Beach -- across from the Biltmore this beach is great for 'celebrity watching' (we saw Mr. Miaggi at this beach once)

There are a ton more nearby beaches but these are a few of our favorite local spots. So, grab your sunblock, beach blanket and a playkit and HIT THE BEACH!!

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