Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fun Day, Good Friends!

One of my best girlfriends came for a visit today! Summer "Zoom" Mc. and her trio are in town visiting her 'rents in Manhattan Beach and they actually drove up to SB to see me!! It was so fun spending time with one of my favorite women. Summer and I have been friends since jr. high. We went to summer camps and Mexico missions trips together in high school. We smoked cigarettes together in college. We were in each others weddings. We have husbands and children and are officially grown ups. Ugh.

Truth be told, of all my girlfriends, I've always wanted to be most like Summer. Growing up, she had this rad house with a secret room right in her bedroom! And a pool. And had a cute brother with cute friends who swam in that pool :) She was a Homecoming Queen nominee in HS. She went to Baylor and was a sorority girl and dated really cute boys college (one of which I also dated later in life) and then she went and married the best of them. She has three gorgeous babies, a great house near San Antonio and a lot of other fabulous mommy friends!! Zoom has about the most enviable life ever. But the truth is that what I love and appreciate most about Summer is that she has faced her own share of anxieties and issues just like the rest of us. But thru faith and obedience has exhibited what being a woman of God really is. She is not afraid to talk about her limitations (her words) and makes a point of sharing what God has done and is doing in her life. She is strong and opinionated and adorable and wonderful. Love ya, Zoomie. It was so fun seeing you!!

Some of my favorite things about Summer:

* The way she pronounces her 'inging's - you have to know what I mean to know what I mean...youknowwhatImean?
* Her right eyeball
* Her handwriting
* Her amazing figure (very inspiring!)
* Her dedication to running and working out
* Her skills as a mother
* Her dry but very sharp sense of humor
* Her wisdom
* Her loyalty
* Did I mention her body?!?
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Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?!? I feel like a celebrity or something! Thank you for your amazing words of praise and encouragement. Though I'm not able to communicate with my words as well as you, I hope you know how incredible and talented I think you are! I wouldn't drive hours in California traffic for just any friend, it was for my beautiful, loyal, witty friend, Chrissy!!!
btw - I had no idea you had this web site or that these "blogs" existed. See, I'm still learning from you and will continue to...
All my love, Zoom