Sunday, March 18, 2007

Booger Story

You know that rubbery adhesive gook that they use to stick credit cards to paper when you get them in the mail? Well, last weekend in a moment of total insanity I showed Brody how remarkably they resemble actual boogers. To do this, I balled up the previously mentioned gook and stuck it to his face just under his nose. We laughed and tricked Daddy and then I thought it was over. Too bad Brody was shoving the gook as far up his boogie nose as possible! I realized the gook was missing about the same time I noticed his look of worry. I reached my finger as far up his little nose holes as possible but only got snot (as he had a cold at the time). Kevin was sure it came out but I was super concerned and kept bringing it up throughout our movie night!

Later that night during bath time Brody was crazy sleepy and something set him off into a crying fit. All wet and slippery he lurched out of the tub and cried into my shoulder. When he pulled his head up he left a huge gloppy mass of what we thought was mucus on my shoulder. For a moment, very disturbing but ultimately a total relief!

I learned two things from this event: (1) I have to always trust my Brody instincts and (2) teaching my child to shove things up his nose is very not good. To my defense, the day before Kevin taught him to eat lemon grass...something that lead to him picking and tasting all things green and leafy. Honestly....poor kid.
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