Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brain Wrinkle: "COol BikES"

Apparently....'nice' bicycles don't have kick stands. Whell.

Last weekend we went for a family bike ride for the first time. While Kevin was wrestling to get Brody in his bike-seat I innocently asked 'Where is your kick stand?'. He laughed embarrassedly and sort of glanced around to see if anyone heard me and said, 'This bike doesn't have a kick stand." Well. Well. Well. Excuuuuuse me! He went on to explain that typically the more expensive bikes (unlike my $53 mountain bike from Target) don't include this convenience. If I paid $400 for a bike it damn well better have a kick stand on it! I don't have time to be holding up my bicycle. Pah-leez. I'm all for kick-stands. I'm PRO kick-stand.

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fun@life said...

Kick stands just get in the way when you're flying down Cold Springs Trail. What if it just popped out mid ride, caught a root, and off I'd fly into the ravine...kick stand and all.

But as I haven't ridden a trail like Cold Springs in 6 years, a kick stand would be nice. But it would make my bike look whimpy...