Thursday, April 05, 2007


My Baby Boy is turning 2. How can that be? Weren't you just born!? When I see women from my PEP group with 2 year olds I always have to sort of stop myself from saying, "How can your baby be walking already?!" or something insane like that. Because in my mind, their baby is still a newborn! In my mind, my baby is still a newborn too. But he's not. He is a full-on two year old. Mr. Independent (commonly heard phrase: "Buhdoit" translated "Bubba Do It"). He throws tantrums - tho usually pretty short lived. He's becoming more cautious with his tantrums. Now instead of sitting down and throwing himself backwards and screaming from the pain and shock of smacking his head on a hard surface, he gently sits down and takes a few seconds to lie down on the floor....and then screams for a few minutes in protest. So silly. He talks constantly and usually in the first-person! Some popular phrases these days include: "Bubba open shut it"; "Bubba push Gabe"; "Dada at work in Hank" [Hank is Kevin's truck]; "Turn it down!" [to the passing by teenagers who turn their base all the way idea where on earth he got that. Ehhem.] and something with the word 'dude' in it? He's been saying it a lot lately and the only thing I can think of is maybe he's saying a line from Finding Nemo. You know the surfer sea turtle? We love that part.

I could go on and on. For now, a quick list of my favorite things about Brody:
* his feet
* his voice
* spontaneous kisses and 'i love yous'
* his cheeks (both sets)
* when he says "hi" to any passer byers
* his run
* when he says "Bubba kared" [Bubba scared] b/c he is playing "boo" with someone
* when he plays hide and seek
* his laugh

Oh there are so many...maybe I'll add to this one or I'll keep posting new ones. Man, that kid. I just love him.
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