Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uncle Nooch Strikes Again!

Paul gives the best gifts. Period. You can't top him. I could write an entire post on the meaningful and special gifts he's given me over the years including being the videographer at our wedding and putting together the most special set of videos from our wedding weekend! When Brody was born Paul set us a Louisville slugger base ball bat with Brody's name and birth stats engraved on it. We have been so blessed by his generosity to Brody over the past three years.

Brody has quite a collection of superhero action figures thanks to his Uncle Nooch. We are forced to play "super heroes" quite often in this house. Yesterday, Brody was ecstatic to find a HUGE box on the front porch with his name on it. [Note: he will check the front porch about three times a day in the hopes of finding a package waiting for him!]. Inside was this super awesome, totally radical, very cool Iron Man costume (or as Brody says, "I-Ron Man"), two new sets of super heroes & two Wonder Woman action figures which I thought was a little strange until I found the note attached: "Brody - Please hold on to these for Baby Sister until she's old enough to play with them.". HOW precious is that?

Anyway, he hasn't taken off the costume since he got it yesterday. It's 90 degrees outside. His hair is stuck to his face after being in the costume for 5 minutes. But he's a Super Hero, man. What's a little sweat when you're saving the universe?

Thank you, Uncle Nooch. You are truly a special friend.
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Anonymous said...

I love Paul so much because he has been such an amazing Uncle to my grandbaby boy!!! Brody looks terrific & powerful in his Iron Man costume. He IS a tiny super hero!!! Thank you, Nooch!! If you ever need anything, please let me know! Love, Debbie

Andy said...

i just like the name "nooch"