Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mia: Month 1

Dearest Mia -

Well, I have to say, this month has gone by quickly! So quickly, in fact, that I didn't even realize it had been a month until yesterday! You are just the sweetest, cutest, most precious baby girl on earth. I may be biased but I think you are just insanely pretty too. I love your little chubby cheeks and funny little expressions. I love your crazily exaggerated double chin and the way you arch your body and purse your little lips when you are waking up. I love that your hair is fuzzy right after a bath. I think it's hysterical that your butt-crack goes half way up your back and that you can spread your toes all the way apart - like monkey toes.

I had a friend tell me one time that I could 'climb a tree' with my wide-spreading-apart toes. That's funny. Daddy can't spread his toes apart at all. He'll get blue-faced and strain a neck muscle trying to spread his toes apart and they will only barely move. Now, THAT is very funny. [Reader, are you trying to spread your toes apart right now? That is very, very funny!]. Looks like you, my Mia, might have mommy's toe-spreading gene. I'm sure it's dominant.

Speaking of genetics. How is it that your eyes are still blue? How is that your skin is so fare? How is that your hair is so light? Are you a little white baby? Your Mor Mor has the bluest eyes of all time and your Papa Joe has hazel eyes [his mom, your Momma Leta, had terrifically blue eyes, as well] so genetically, there was a 25% chance that you might have blue eyes. We'll see! Your nostrils are a gift from Papa Joe's side of the family too. Your don't seem to be as large as some of ours but the upside down triangle shape is straight from the Lee blood line.

You started to come out of your 'infant fog' this week. You've been awake a little more than you had been the previous 4 weeks. We have started trying to implement a schedule over the past couple of days with the goal of getting you to sleep thru the night in a few weeks. As it is, you can go for 4-5 hours at a stretch between night time feedings. During the day, we're just trying to figure out what your different cries mean: tummy aches, tired, over tired, over stimulated, etc. Just like your brother, you have had a rough time with gas and bowl movements. Don't be embarrassed. It's totally normal. In fact, be proud of it! Pretty soon your going to get fart humor and, if you're anything like your father, you'll be able to let 'em rip like a real pro.

I should let you know that I've been a much more easy going Mommy with you than I was with your brother. In your first four weeks we've taken you on many outings including restaurants, the mall, the FAIR, a few shopping trips and church. We (it was my fault, really) didn't take Bubba out of the house until he was 3 weeks old and it was to church and back. You have been so easy-going. Thank you. The house is never quite for you while you sleep. We rarely have 'alone time' together. You hardly ever get our undivided attention. And we've only taken a fraction of the number of photos we took of your brother at this age. I'm sorry for the injustices, my sweet. But I'm so thankful for your disposition. My second child. My little girl. You make my heart happy and my days full (and my nights, at this point!).

I recently have felt an overwhelming desire to keep you and Bubba safe. During this moment of anxiety I realized that my purpose in life, right now, is to protect my babies and to be a Godly wife to my husband. This is what I was meant to do. This is the gift and opportunity that God has given me and I do take the challenge lightly. So, be prepared. I may be overbearing at times. I may get in your business a bit too much at times. I may lock you in your room till your 30 so as to keep you safe from preditors, heart-breakers, all of life's little and big disappointments, and those catty little girls - or maybe I'll just wish I had. But I will always love your more than you'll be able to understand. Every decision I'll ever make in life will take you into consideration. To whom much who is given...much is expected - Luke 12:48. You are my gift. And I am so thankful.
I can't wait to see what the future months (years) have in store for all of us. Smiles, laughter, pig-tails...sickness, sleepless nights, seperation anxiety. It'll all be worth it, my dear. I love you.



Tessa said...

Precious Mia, You are blessed beyond measure and don't think I won't remind you of that when you are 15!
Sweetie Litie

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes because I too feel some of those wonderful words for my daughters and as well for my niece and nephew. You are a blessing to Mia, to Brody, to Kevin and to our family!!! Love you and can't wait to see you soon. Luv, Tam

Anonymous said...

Daughter, such fantastically beautiful and powerful words. - "Your" Mom