Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My sweetie and I got to see a sneak preview of the new Chronicles of Narnia movie this morning. It was actually an event for Westmont alums. The final edits to the film were just completed on Monday (wow) and it previewed in New York earlier this week. This morning was only the second screening of the movie ever! It really worked out well for us to as it was a morning screening. Brody and Cara had a breakfast date and a girlfriend from our home group offered to hold Mia for us. We saw a FREE movie. Were given FREE concessions (popcorn and a coke at 10am? Yes, please!) and on the way out of the movie, they gave us a copy of the book. How great of a date is that?!?

The reason Westmont was given this privilege is because it is thought that Westmont actually owns C.S. Lewis' famous wardrobe, the inspiration for the Narnia Chronicles. This article describes how Westmont came to own the wardrobe. The warbrobe itself is going on a grand publicity tour for the film.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I was surprised by how many little kids were there. There is a lot of fighting & death in the film but there is absolutely no vulgarity or ludity. I'd be concerned about the scare-factor! There were scary monsters and bad guys and witches, etc. Things that nightmares are made of for sure. Not appropriate for kids under 7, I'd think.

It was funny and intense and the message was solid. It was a wonderful Mother's Day date. I highly recommend it!

And Happy Mother's Day to my dear, sweet Momsie, my lovely MIL and all the other mother's who might stumble upon my little blog here.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, daughter!!! Love, your mom!

papa sturm said...

Happy mothers day Chrystal, sorry I'm a day late. Thanks for keeping me up on what is happening in your life and the grandkids. Also thank you for being such an awesome wife to our son and mother to our grandkids. Your love and loving words are very touching and it really shows just how much you love them.

Love ya,

Papa Sturm

Chrystal Sturm said...

Thanks, Dad! Look Mom...Dad Sturm actually has a blogger handle!! Wouldn't it be fun if you had an blogger identity and weren't "Anonymous" anymore?

Happy Mother's Day, Anonymous!