Friday, August 03, 2007

Viva Fiesta!

Santa Barbara has no seasons. We celebrate Independence Day in 70 degree weather. And we celebrate Memorial Day in 76 degree weather. But every summer there's Fiesta. And (to be totally cliche) - it's hot, hot, hot!!! VIVA! Fiesta is 5 days of non-stop party. Dancing in the streets, Cascarones, Mariachi bands galore, Mojitos, parades, picnic dinners at the Sunken Gardens and Mission, yummy churros and Flaminco dancers! I mean, people take off work for Fiesta! This year we have been able to participate in more of the city events than we have in the past due to Brody being older and the year before Brody was born I was randomly ill?

All day that Fiesta 2004 I was queasy and pukey feeling. I remember the outfit I wore to work because I just wanted to be in jammies. I also remember sitting on my cube floor just wanting to go home but I couldn't because I was judging a Guac-off later that afternoon! I left immediately after the competition and slept. At the time, my apartment complex was celebrating our "2nd Annual Fiesta party at The 521". I kept trying to attend the parking lot party but just being so sickly that I had to keep retreating to my bed. Turns out, I was pg with Bubba. And getting to enjoy the events with Brody this year has been so much fun. My little Fiesta Baby. So for me...Fiesta will always be a very special season!
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