Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oh. My. Gross.

Raise your hand if you've seen this show on the BBC America channel. I learned very quickly that can't watch this show while eating anything lest I vomit. This show goes a step beyond the Clean House concept of straightening messy houses into the valley of filth and nastiness that live in "flee infested rubbish tip"s! Bug droppings, baked-on, caked-on grime and grease, pet hair, rust and "festering feces" and so much more - pure sickness. It's abhorring. And fascinating. And disgusting. And hysterical (British people talk funny). If you haven't already, you must check it out. If only to see the funny little houses that British folk live in (v. Harry Potter)!
Did you know you could clean glass with Worchester sauce?! And the kitchen sink with shaving cream? And two-day newspaper works like paper towels. Can you recyclable np w/cleaning prod on it? Maybe only if it's organic cleaning product? Will research.
I admit I am no clean freak but this show makes even the messiest of people to feel haughty and proud. I love and hate this show so much! I predict that we'll be seeing an American version in the very near future. Stand by for the fun!


Tessa said...

I am raising my hand. I can not watch that show. The houses they show are so wretched that I do not want to even know that dirty people like that exist! Seriously, they should be way too embarassed to put their house on tv! I have never heard the worcestershire thing but I do use newspaper to clean my windows and mirrors. The newsprint helps polish and shine! I don't recycle it when I use it though. Our recylcle program says not to recycle "soiled paper goods".

Kevin Sturm said...

I don't think I can watch it either...too gross. And I think they should make the people that live in these places clean them as part of the program. If you make the mess clean it up...though Chrystal may not agree that I live by that philosophy.

Chrystal Sturm said...

They do have to clean! And on top of having clean up their own filth - which they have the nerve to be disgusted by doing so - they are confronted with lab results that proclaim to the world that they have flesh eating bacteria living on their counter tops. It's crazy gnarly.

Sweetie. Don't even joke. Leaving your shoes in the hallway so that I trip over them while letting the damn cat out at 3AM is obnoxious but it's nothing compared to these poor humans.

Tessa said...

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