Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Please stop!

I am really loving the age Brody is right now. I have to admit that up until recently I've been sort of looking forward to more. You know, like...'I can't wait till Brody can roll over...sit up...walk....talk...etc.' But right now - 2 years and 4 months - I want it to all stop! I just want him to be this height, size, skill-level for as long as possible. He has just enough of everything to be a total blast! His speech is exploding and his little brain captures absolutely everything.

He still has a funny little run (which I adore) and wants to hold hands when going down stairs and wants to be held more often than walk on his own. I'm not complaining. In a few short months/years I know that he'll be running wild and leaping off of dangerous ledges and too big for me to carry. He's growing so fast. I just want to soak up him up like gravy in a buttermilk biscuit!!!!!!
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Kevin Sturm said...

Arghh that face. You're the best mom every hon. All you people have no idea. Mommy is currently Brody's favorite hands down. If I go get him in the morning the first thing he asks is, "Where mama?"

Chrystal Sturm said...

Funny. Every time I get Bubba he asks "Where Dada?". Oooh that baby loves us!

Tessa said...

completely funny, because everytime I am with him he says, Oh, I nubbest ju sweetie litie!!!