Sunday, February 25, 2007

Santa Barbara Saturdays: Take a Hike!

What is the point of living in or visiting Santa Barbara if you don't spend as much time as possible outside!?! There are countless hiking trails in SB for all levels of hiker. My favorite is Cold Springs trail to the waterfall. It's a level 4 out of 5 (see wonder I have to take so many breaks!!) and at one point there is this rediculous boulder-climb that is nothing short of hysterically funny to watch people navigate (Hello, Sarah!).

The Knapps Castle hike is one I hope we get to take soon. Neither Kevin nor I have ever been to the castle but most of our friends have and have all said it's a fun date. I'm more of a dinner-and-movie type girl but like I said...what's the point of living in SB if you don't enjoy the beauty and weather as often as possible?! Honestly. Hiking with Brody will be harder now that he's too big for the backpack but there are pleny of nature walk trails and beach trails. We've cruised the Butterfly Perserve a few weeks ago and he was great. Unfortunately the monarchs were asleep but it was still great to be in nature with him and we hope to encourage him to appreciate and love this planet and the surrounds God has blessed us with. Amen!

For directions, difficulty, and reviews on local hikes check out Take lots of water and your camera.
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fun@life said...

Let's go sweetie...I can still cart Bubba around in the carrier.