Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cheryl's Tip of the Week

Oh you must check out Cheryl's blog! Brody's little face is featured!! Her tip this week is what I've been working on for the past two weeks: creating a sharp focual point and blurred background/foreground. My little lens doesn't always get what I'm asking it to do (although, my lens mostly blames me!) but I've been able to get a couple of decent examples. I'm posting this pic mostly b/c I think Brody looks so freaking adorable but you may be able to see the blurred background. Yea me! I used AV setting at f5.6 because I didn't remember that you could use the macro setting. I'll be going there this week!

This pic is from our fun visit to Salt Lake City last week with the Wold family. It ended up snowing one day (which was totally unexpected) so Brody got to play in his 1ST SNOW! He loved it although he'd cry when his hands got too cold. How sweet is that? He and Kevin rolled around for a good 20 minutes and then we were done. Short but sweet! We are looking forward to his first actual ski trip someday. SO CUTE!!
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