Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cheryl's Tip

Cheryl May is one of Santa Barbara's best photographers and a really rad girl. I just love her work and was fortunate enough to actually have a tutorial session with her this afternoon! She showed me how adjusting my apeture and shutter speeds will result in soft focus fore and backgrounds while keeping my subject in sharp focus. I'd NEVER used the Av setting on my camera before so this was very exciting for me. She also let me use her lens and let me just tell you...that was very cool!

So, today on her blog (http://www.cherylmay.com/blog/) she gave her first TIP. It was on the 'Rule of Thirds'. This basically means you want to avoid placing your subject in the dead center of the photograph. I've been putting my subjects off center for a while now and so this is total validation! I love the look of it but never knew that it was a principle. She did says something that I hadn't considered before. The rule also applies on verticle photos. Subjects eyes should be in the top third of the frame. This is cool. I don't shoot a lot of verticle pics but I'm going to be more aware in the future.

I got to photograph my girlfriend Nancy's daughters Katie and Sarah. Katie is 4 year's old and ready for modeling contract. To see all of the photos from this shoot check out http://picasaweb.google.com/chrystal.sturm/NarettoGirls?authkey=_a0XZXW6MzQ

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Cheryl May said...

Great job Chrystal!! Those are some supper cute photos. You rock :)!

I had a blast on our photo shoot, we should definately get out there and do it again :)!

Cheryl May said...

Great job Chrystal! Those pictures are supper cute :).