Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good TV: Monday Nights!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of television. The truth is....I'm a bit of a tvoholic. I am! I'm not ashamed!! ;) So, every now and then I'm going to devote a blog about to particularly good TV. Today’s entry is about Monday Night TV b/c it's that good.

The night kicks off with Prison Break on FOX. Somehow, even tho the boys are free from prison this season the show is still surprisingly enthralling! And this week Tea Bag made off with the loot. Very sneaky. The addition of the alien cop from Invasion as the crooked FBI agent is a good move. We want to hate him but something makes us curious about him? Good actor. The girl we could do without but she makes a good story line AND were we sad to see the kid get shot to pieces 2 episodes ago? 'Does my momma have big breastes?' Nuf said. Love this show.

Then we move on to NBC's Heros. Such a freaking good show. I'm a comic-book dork wanna be. I love all the comic books come mega movies but I've never read one. No, not one. BUT my Grandmother sold all of my dear dad's beloved (and extremely valuable) comics about 100 years and I think he's just now coming around to forgiving her so I have to believe that the love of comic books & their heros might just run in the blood. And I married a comic book loving man! Anyway, if you haven't; you must. It's so good. It is suspenseful, confusing, funny, intriuging, confusing...all the things you want from the small screen. I'm hooked. [Dad - are you watching this show? If not, rearrange your life around it. You'll thank me.]

Finally, there's Studio 60 also on NBC. It's just great. Just great. The writers outdo themselves every week. The actors are brilliant (especially Amanda Peet who plays Jordon McDeere, the lovably goofy but genius network president). And the story lines are interesting and powerful - much like it's grandfather West Wing - but so funny and charming. It's really sort of disarming. I'd for sure date Studio 60 were it a living, breathing man.

My sweetie and I can sit next to each other and communicate only on occasion and usually only with grunts and facial expressions that say "oh...my....gosh" or "uh-huh, that was funny" and be perfectly content with life. We can always talk at 11pm when we're climbing into bed exhausted and stuffed full of good TV. ;)

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