Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby Sister

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I borrowed $100 from my baby sister today. How humbling. How precious. Aren't I supposed to be the responsible, smarter, older sister? Currenly I'm only 1 of the 3!

Living with Cara this past year has been such an wonderful delight. I get to laugh - like from the depths of my bowels laugh - every day. I get to be a part of her always entertaining and at moments distractingly mature life. I get to gleen these nuggets of wisdom which come from her as naturally as tho she were reciting the ABC's. I get to be a part of her life and it's wonderful. And better yet - she gets to be a part of Brody's life. He is NUTS about his 'Rah Rah'. Not a day goes by that he doesn't call for her..."Raaahhh Raahhh (where are you)?!". I get sad when I think about the fact that I'll never get to be as close to her future children as she has become to Brody. They have a soul connection that I am confident will last keep them connected for always.

It's so great having a sister. And I'm especially blessed to have Cara as mine. And not just because she loans me a hundy when I'm in a crunch! ;)

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