Monday, January 08, 2007

Santa Barbara Saturday: Alameda Park

I absolutely love this town. It is my dream town. The place I always wanted to live but never knew about. I seroiusly thought that the soap opera Santa Barbara was the name of a ficticious beach town in California. Isn't that crazy? I feel like SB is in the media all the time now. Maybe it's because I live here and so I notice it more but I really believe it has become more popular in recent years. I mean, Oprah lives here!

The truth is, I don't know how long we'll be here. As much as we love it we just don't know how long we can decide to pay the price (literally) to be here. I say 'decide' because it really is a choice. And a hard one.

So, once a week I want to highlight a place in Santa Barbara that I love. I call it Santa Barbara Saturday because they will mostly be family-friendly places that can be enjoyed on Saturday. I don't promise that they will be 'little-known' spots. In fact, they might be down-right famous. But they're places I love and would recommend anyone checking out if visiting our beautiful little town.

1400 Santa Barbara and across the street

These parks are amazing. Alameda park is a wonderland for kids. We were there this afternoon and Brody attacks it every time like it's the first time. There are always kids there and it's in a really safe part of town - huge open land surrounds the park. There is a toddler section but most of it is for older kids. There are several places to picnic, throw a disc, practice yoga or take a nap (a regular sight)! It's just a really fabulous park and I'm considering it for Brody's 2nd birthday. No reservations required but you also have no guaruntees on spaces.

Alice Keck is an amazing memorial of gorgeous low-water plants (you find flowers here). The trails and the plants are great but the real center-pieces of this park is the koi pond. The kids love this - HUGE fish, millions of turles flapping around and usually a duck or two can be found. This is also a great place for a private picnic or date night (I've heard of a Valentine date where a girl set up a table with linens and heat lamp and brought in catering and everything. Tre romantic!). There are a lot of weddings here as well but it's also a place that doesn't take reservations.

These places rank so highly on my favorites list that they were part of my last birthday which I consider to be my best birthday yet! So check it out. You will love it!!

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