Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Merry Christmas, Brody Bear

Look how big you are! This Christmas was so much fun. You still don't get it really - getting you to open gifts was like pulling teeth. You were totally uninterested. But you were so great through it all. You sat thru church like such a big boy. You came down stairs Christmas morning and walked around from toy to toy like, "hey, a piano", "hey, a guitar", "hey, a shopping cart". So precious.

Unfortunately, you got pretty sick at Mor Mor and PaPa's house in Phoenix over New Year's but amazingly you were still sweet, fun and funny. Saying "No, thank you" and "Peeeez (please)". And all sorts of other big 21-month-old words. Even holiday words like Santa, Snow Man, Ho Ho Ho. What will the next 12 months bring? New tricks and excitment over things like trains, dump trucks and air planes, oh my! I can't wait, Buddy. You are such a wonderful, amazing, little man.

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