Sunday, December 03, 2006

Introducing Alexa and Michael Hulsey!!

Quick note about how precious Mike and Alexa are. They are so perfect and beautiful together. The wedding was absolutely precious and can I just tell you how amazingly gorgeous the two of them were!?! As you can see they were beaming. Their love is huge. God's blessings to the happy couple. OXOXOX. Posted by Picasa

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jeanettelee73 said...

Crystal...this is Jeanette (Clint Lee's wife) I am in charge of getting emails from the old Boles Bulldog croud to send out evites for the time capsul opening...I would love to hear from both you and Michael with email addresses....Wendy Collins and I are in charge of this feat....hey..if they wanted it done correctly they would have asked someone from honor society...also we have a lot to catch up on...Brent just had twin girls...Scot Austin is having a boy ..... and Clint and I live so close to where your old house is ....would love to hear from you..