Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Favorite Season

I do love Fall.

I especially love Fall in Santa Barbara.

But this is not the season I'm referring to.

It's TV Season, people. And I'm so excited!!!!!

I'm astounded that some people don't know what TV Season is? These are the same people that don't really understand syndication. You will only see new episodes of Desperate Housewives on ABC. Period. Sometimes you'll see DH on a station like Lifetime but rest assured - they are reruns. And when you find The Office on back to back at 11PM - these are always w/o exception reruns. Ok? Same page? Ok. TV Season is when all our favorite shows come back to us with brand new episodes. Ooooh, I love it!

Prison Break has already started and I'm embarrassed to say that both new episodes are still sitting in my DVR unwatched. I don't know? There is something about a second baby, for me, that has made me need 'down time' so much less. Or maybe it's that my 'down time' is different than it used to be? Used to, for every single nap and after Brody was down for the night - I'd head directly to the couch, grab my computer (because I can't just sit there - have to multi-task) and turn on the TV to catch up on all my recorded shows. I have many. I do. Now, when Mia and Brody are both down...I don't know what I'm doing but it's not watching recorded TV. Sometimes I'll play The View (which I do have a commitment to) but it's usually background noise and I end up fast forwarding thru most. Where was I? What is my point?

There are several shows I'm especially looking forward to this year:


LOST of course

Eli Stone

Amazing Race (love it!)

Ghost Whisperer


Prison Break

The Office


The following will make the DVR list but are not as heavily anticipated:

Desperate Housewives

Brothers & Sisters

Boston Legal

Pushing Daisies

Cold Case


Shows (new and returning) I'll check out and decide to keep/toss:

90210 (hello? I just have to...)

The Fringe (can't pass up a J.J. Abrams creation)

Kath and Kim

Lipstick Jungle

and Cashmere Mafia


My Own Worst Enemy (it's Christian Slater, come on)

Now I'll ask for a time of silence for the show I am most sad to see is not returning in this 2008 line up:


It was good. And really, really funny and I'm very bummed. We laughed out loud at least once every single episode. Even Cara! And she knows funny. If you didn't catch it and don't believe me that it was that funny and have too much time on your can check it out here. Oh, Marmaduke. You will be missed. Farewell.

Therefore, at the top of my New Shows to Watch list is Do Not Disturb which is not only directed by Jason Batement but the stars of the show are Niecy Nash and Jerry O'Connell. As you know, I'm a big Niecy fan and I consider Jason and Jerry two of the funniest on TV.

What shows are you excited about?


Tessa said...

10 things I love about you...
1-10 You love TV as much as me!

You know Gayle King is a TV junkie, too.

Carpoolers was histerically funny. I will miss it, too. You must see this completely funny new show called

Worst Week

Clay and I have laughed out loud several times both episodes. See if you can watch the first two on the computer because they are worth it.

Desperate and Lipstick were fabulous this week.

I a surprised you don't have My Name is Earl on your list. That is some funny TV.

What about Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice? I have to say that Grey's has lost it's charm for me. The lesbian thing is just too much and I really wish they would keep that out of Brother's and Sister's as well.

I think I will write to the producers and let them know that we don't need that. It is actually disturbing. What do you think?

Chrystal Sturm said...

Girl I knew you'd appreciate this post. The ONLY one who would! I have not seen Worst Week but I will check it out for shiz.

Earl, Grey's, Private Practice, HOUSE, Pushing Daisey's, Ugly Betty...these are some of the more popular shows that literally do nothing for me. I tried to kick the Bro & Sis habit but I caught sucked in again at the end of the season.

Stupid 90210 and Privileged have my attention this season which pisses me right off. I didn't mean to. It just happened. Ugh!